Introduction to Making Boxes in Tutting

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Boxes, or inner tuts as they are sometimes called, or even inner connects as the flexers call them, are one of what I will call the 3 main pieces to the tutting puzzle box, along with outer tuts and finger tuts. They are super dope on their own because of the fact that when you arms are within the bounds of your body (the reason for the name inner tuts), you have a lot of movements that you can do and a lot of ways to make small pivots and slides cascade into larger combos.

On a tangent, I feel like the time when I really understood the purpose of tutting, and in a lot of ways the purpose of popping, was about 6 years ago (as of 2011) out at a club in Riverside, California, watching Tetris dance. In those days, I used to smoke the ganja and I was suitably high and watched mesmerized as Tetris aka Soh Tanaka was dancing. I saw that he had become this ultimate combo dancer, meaning that his dance never stopped.

On a second level tangent, Skeeter Rabbit used to always talk about “resets.” He would show me footage of someone and say, “yo O, where’s the reset?” Sometimes I could see it, sometimes I could not. What he was referring to is the point where the dance STOPS flowing and starts over, going into the next sequence of movements. Sally Sly’s used to be a knee up-pop-and-then-sac. That was the most obvious one in those days.

The point was that the longer you could go without a reset, the better of a dancer you were. One movement would just lead directly into the next, on and on and on and on you go. And tutting is the style WITHOUT QUESTION most suited to large combos.

So keep that in mind when you think about boxes. Take a look at all of the possibilities and then go slow and just keep going. Don’t stop, don’t start over, don’t reset. It’s like Principal Skinner in that Simpsons episode where he’s trapped under the bookcase and he plays the game of dribbling the ball and seeing how many dribbles he could get in a row to pass the time. See how many movements you can get without a reset.

Or not. The choice is yours dunny.