Advanced Finger Tutting Basics

[dvd id="tutting101"]

This is like the basics of advanced stuff. It’s like the very end of Tutting 101 in the sense that it doesn’t get much more complicated than this before you start moving on to 201 and even 301. What we’re doing here is taking the basic concepts we’ve been playing with and now adding the 3rd dimension to them. This is when you start seeing the power of isolation and how these isolations can then begin to move into the rest of the body and then you are beginning the process of becoming an isolation machine like J Smooth or Sally Sly or old Walid or Poppin Taco, the true isolators–and don’t let me forget Jr. Boogaloo!

I think what I like most about this dance is that it never ends. It’s like a video game with no ending. That’s the good thing about all real life pursuits. You are the character in the video game and you level up and keep getting better and better and you never win until you reach Samadhi I guess, which is enlightenment. But you can’t reach that in any other way but by heading there one step at a time. There’s no guarantee of when you’ll get there so all you can do is just keep going. So keep going… time is passing either way.