The Absolute, No-Nonsense, Fastest Way to Get Your Creativity into the World

We have figured out a phenomenal way to produce creative projects on the fly. We have both found that the hardest part about creativity is GETTING STARTED. The dreaded first paragraph. The opening sentence. On and on. It sucks.

But talking is easy.

You just turn on the camera and start talking. That’s no problem for almost anyone. You can mess up, stutter, no problem. And now, because it’s 2009, you can then put a bid out on craigslist or for transcription services and pay no more than $30 for an hour of transcribed audio. You can say A LOT in an hour. Now, with your transcription, you can then create an article, a book, a song, a script, or whatever you want. You have now skipped over the dreaded creating phase and moved into the safer editing phase. And you did it with ease. It was fun. You think, I could do THAT again.

And that my friends is the fastest way to get your creativity into the world GUARANTEED!

In this episode, we cover:

  • the method
  • the fruits of the method
  • how we are using the method
  • the joys of the method
  • the beauty that is life

Jenny & Otis