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So, you’ve read about my experience in Marseille, where Otis got kicked in the stomach by a couple of low-lifes. You know about the “Edit” session that resulted, where it turns out I had nuked these guys in a past life. The edit session went on for so long, I had to quit before a final resolution could be achieved.

Well, the time has now come! I will now take you through the rest of the session where me and all my many selves continued. In so doing, you’ll also get a careful detailed explanation of the final five steps from the 10 steps to Edit Your Life.

Here it goes! The saga continues…

I survey the scene in front of me and as far as my eyes can see there are nothing but dead bodies. Nothing moves. I hear the sounds of someone approaching. I turn and I look…

Opening my eyes, there is no scene of death at all. Instead, I see Otis, fast asleep beside me. I realize I have just awoken from a dream. It was so real. I can still smell the mixed aroma of fresh blood and burned flesh. I snuggle closer to Otis, spooning him and close my eyes, slowly falling back to sleep…

Immediately, I’m back at the scene of carnage. “Oh my God! I’m back in the dream.” As I speak, I realize I’ve become lucid. Dope!

Almost like a spy, I quickly look around. Looking around keeps you lucid in a dream. It is truly a practice to stay actively lucid inside a dream. Too little and the dream takes over. Too much and you’re yanked back to waking life.

As I look around, I see that the townsfolk I’ve nuked are just people. They’re just plain folks in full medieval villager clothing. Over there, a family of three; parents and a young child, still holding hands. Dropped on the spot, looking like they’ve been frozen in time. Their faces are making a face that is the very beginning of panic, as if their Sunday shopping had suddenly turned bad.

Next to them, the low-lifes, drunken smirks still on their faces. As unconscious of their actions in death as they were in life. They’ve fallen next to an honest to God den of thieves. Next to them, some postitues, a few merchants, all dead in the most dramatic ways. Blood spilling out of their mouths, bodies mangled, limbs missing, skulls crushed. I find myself thinking, “It’s almost like, well, a movie set with extras…”

With that thought, BOOM! Back to waking life in bed with my lover. I wonder to myself, “Was that a real dream or was I awake and just imagining it?” Dreaming is so tricky that way. What seems so solid vanishes almost immediately upon waking.

My imagination is most active when I first wake up in the morning. In that state in between waking and dreaming, I expertly create epic movies in my mind. My films are created from the books, films, art and music that I’ve encountered in my life. Using this imagery, I create stories to my heart’s delight. These movies look as real as the movies I pay to watch in a theater. The only difference is that I am both the audience and the filmmaker.

I decided to take this opportunity from this morning’s movie to continue the “Edit” session from where I had left off. It was clear that this movie took place in the same medieval town where I had been stoned to death.

I propped myself up a little and shook my head around. Now, more awake and more in control of my imagination, I embarked on this journey deep into my psyche. I snuggled close to Otis and closed my eyes. I brought back the woman, the me in another time, to survey the scene. We looked over the destruction together, just taking it in.

I reached into her heart to feel what she was feeling. Since, ahem, we are actually the same person, I instinctively (and instantaneously) knew that she felt deeply satisfied and fulfilled. She was happy at what she saw. She felt triumphant. These villagers had came together to stone her to death. They took her suffering as weekend entertainment. In the psychic realm, she blasted them with her mighty power and got her revenge. She felt powerful as she cracked a smile.

Step 5

This is Step 5 in an “Edit” session: DO AN EMOTIONAL CHECK. In this step, the task is to fully feel what you feel in a given scene without judgment.

It is only when you fully allow yourself feel the emotions from the past situation that you can let it go. There is a deep healing in letting yourself just feel how you feel with unconditional love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the victim or the perpetrator. The first step is to fully feel the grief, the sadness, the sorrow, the anger or whatever the emotion is.

I find that when I fully feel the emotion of a scene, the scene usually changes. Often, I will very quickly find myself in a new scene that elicits the exact opposite emotion.

At first, I had been in a scene where I felt betrayed by my neighbors and angry at the low-lifes who enjoyed participating in my suffering. As I felt this, the scene immediately changed to me nuking them. I was no longer the victim of a stoning by a crowd. Now I was the one inflicted suffering. The healing came from this feeling of vindication.

“Wow! You are powerful!” I said to her. She looked at me righteously. “I do this for all the injustice in this world!” I pointed at the family. “What about them? Did they stone you too?”

She sighed. “Nope, I think they just happened by.” I chuckled morbidly, “looks like it’s too bad for them!” She thought about it and moved her hand and gave them their lives back. The family got up, thanked her and fled. “Impressive,” I said.

She waved her hand about and more and more people got up and ran away. “Watching a stoning is a stupid waste of time!” She lectured them as they ran for their lives. I waxed poetic. “It’s human nature. Where there’s drama, there’s an audience. If it bleeds, it leads! We love a good stoning, even where I live, in the 21st century.” We laughed, appreciating the gallows humor.

She waved her hands and the low-lifes got up, dropped the stones in their hands, kissed her feet and ran. I was shocked as I watched them run away. “Whhhat?! You’re letting them go too?” She looked me right in the eyes. “Now that I know I can kill them just as easily as they can kill me, what’s the use? I prefer to just let them go.” Who knew I was so wise, even back in medieval times! “Attack and revenge is a long story that started eons ago and continues on and on.”

I asked her why she had been stoned? “I live at the edge of town and sell herbal remedies. I throw whatever I find into the pot and then I stir the pot. People buy them, take them and their ailment goes away. I have no idea how these stones, mud, grass, and bird feathers, heal people. I never actually believed in the stuff myself. As long as they kept buying, I didn’t care. Then one day a few of my neighbors secretly watched me and discovered my secret formula. One of them, I don’t know who, reported me for cheating.”

As she talked, I could see my current neighbors. On the nice quiet residential street I live in Los Angeles, we all get along and like each other. But one of them had caused me trouble with the housing department. And I imagine some of would not shy from watching me get stoned, if that’s how things were to go. Life changes over the centuries but not that much.

What we have just witnessed is Step 6 of an “Edit” session.

Step 6

Step 6 is THE CONFERENCE. In step 6, the two versions of yourself dialogue with one another. You can think of it as a kind of do-it-yourself talk therapy.

If you look back, you will see that my conversation with my medieval self is loving and encouraging. I love her and she loves me. How can we not? We may be from different eras but we’re the same person. We’re soul sisters and best friends.

Eventually, we had talked it all out and there was really nothing more to say. We stood together looking at what was now a bustling village life. The stoning felt long forgotten, as though it never happened. We didn’t come to any ultimate conclusion. However, we both felt complete. Doing the talk is the point of doing the talk. The talk itself is the therapy.

The scene switched again. I now found myself and my medieval self together, back in the modern scene, on that dark side street in Marseille. I’ve come back face-to-face with those same low-lifes.

Are we the exact same souls? Are the people we meet in a past-life the exact same people that reappear in our current life? The simple answer is that it doesn’t matter. The names of the actors are not really that important in these movies. Even the plot is not particularly important. To get caught up with names and locations is to miss the forest for the trees. The important question is what do I do about this situation that’s in my life right now?

I turned to my medieval self and asked her for advice. She showed me an image: several policemen happened by and took them away. I laughed, “Nice! Check this one out!” I showed her an image: the first drunk tried to kick Otis but missed and landed a kick to the second drunk’s face. They tumbled and fell. That got a big laugh from my medieval self. The race to one up each other was on!

She came up the next image: she was now a queen and the low-lifes got kicked and stepped on by the guards who walked ahead to clear the crowd from my path. My turn! I’m a movie star and the low-lifes were autograph seekers who got pushed aside as me and my entourage went by. We exchanged funny images until we laughed so hard that both our eyes were filled with tears.

This is step 7: EDIT A NEW ENDING.

Step 7

The facts will always stay the same. There is nothing that we can do about that. We can’t really have any idea of why things happen the way they happen either. But this much we know: a traumatic memory that stays in our psyche is harmful. When we use our imagination to change that memory we effectively change the memory itself.

It doesn’t have to be the correct ending and it can even be totally cliche. Whatever makes you feel better. A dream fulfilled, a smile on your face, a big epiphany, a romantic ending… Anything will do. We are making movie in our own heads. This is the movie of our life. Be the star! Be the queen and the king! Be the judge and the jury!

Slowly, we both saw this same image: we saw the dawn light spilling into my beautiful room. We felt the bed warm with the scent of my lover.

My medieval self and I fell into embrace. She merged into me. There was never really two of us to begin with. The truth is that I made her up in order to re-live my conflicts. Or maybe it’s the other way around? She made me up to relive her conflicts. Either way, this much I do know. We became one.

This is step 8: RESOLUTION.

Step 8

An eternal embrace. Total acceptance. Unconditional love. Ecstatic fun. There is really not that much to life. This is paradise if we can but let it be.

Just before I moved out of my lover’s arms to conclude, I remind myself: watch out for low-lifes on dark streets.

This is Step 9: LEARN A LESSON.

Step 9

The whole reason we carve chunks of time out of a seamless eternity is to learn, to grow, to evolve. Maybe past lives turn out to be real, maybe they turn out to be baloney. The entire “Edit” session is so much more effective if I take my psyche seriously and integrate the psychic realm with the physical realm.

From now on, I will do a better job to keep my eyes peeled in this physical reality. If low-lifes continue to mess up my reality, I have not really learned this lesson. I will get what I need to learn newer and better lessons. If my reality gets better and better, I can take it that I have learned the lesson. Thus is step 10: WATCH WHAT YOUR REALITY REFLECTS BACK TO YOU.

Step 10

First the good news. More editing sessions means more time for reflection. Your reality will become better and brighter. More pleasant. Better friends. More money. Better health. Everyday and in every way, slowly but perceptibly, your reality will get better and better and better. Alas, there is bad news. This just means that more lessons are on their way. As things gets better there will still be things that go wrong. Such is the way of life.

We come to the grand final shot of this “Edit” session, this grand movie in my head.

Marseille, famously gorgeous, famously dodgy seaside city in the south of France. The screen slowly tilts up as the camera pulls away to reveal a dark side street with no drunks, only two American tourists, Otis and Jenny Funkmeyer, laughing and dancing down the street, totally in love. As the credits roll, we float away and see the sun set over the city in all its glory. Not so dodgy after all.

One of the most crucial skills in using “Edit Your Life” is being able to see a situation from a different perspective. Oftentimes, the only reason that we are stuck is that we are only able to see that one perspective, what we call “our” perspective. Being able to see multiple perspectives is so important that it has become one of the 10 steps. Step 4 in fact.

One night while traveling in Marseille, France, Otis and I were walking to our hotel after a nice evening out. On a narrow side street, we crossed paths with a couple of drunk men. Before we even knew what was happening, one of the men kicked Otis in the stomach while they doubled over laughing. Otis looked back at them and the man raised a beer bottle, getting ready to throw it. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and thought it might be a gun. I started to scream and ran out to the main street hysterically calling for help. The drunks ran away but then started to come back toward us. I kept screaming and screaming. Otis came to collect me and assured me that it would be best to get the hell out of dodge. I was shaken.

Back in the safety of our hotel room, in my lover’s embrace, I looked back on the incident. I went into meditation and began an “Edit Your Life” session:

  • Step 1 – See the scene. I saw myself in my mind’s eye at the scene. I saw the darkened side streets, the two drunks and the moment when we crossed paths.
  • Step 2 – Freeze the image. I froze the scene at the moment just before the drunk man kicked Otis. I felt safe because he couldn’t kicked Otis in my psychic space.
  • Step 3 – Slo-Mo the scene. After the entire scene stopped moving, I began moving the story forward frame-by-frame. We walked closer and closer to each other, frame-by-frame…

Now, let’s begin Step 4 – See the scene from a different perspective

See The Scene From a New Perspective

Immediately, I flew overhead and viewed the four of us from above. I could see the tops of the heads and the whole street below. The cars, the buildings, the fire hydrants, the trash on the street. I could see it all.

It is very important to train your mind’e eye to be able to do this kind of remote viewing. Often, when we use this remote viewing, the images contain information that was hidden to the conscious mind and can be very surprising. During an “Edit” session, the logical mind is relaxed and non-judgmental. It is able to really see all of the information that they eye took in.

Feel the images and try to avoid mental concepts. For instance, while remote viewing a “boat” is better felt as colors, shapes, the feeling of wind, your butt against a seat, and the heat of the sun. “Boat” as we commonly think of it is actually just a mental concept.

From this overhead perspective, I saw that Otis and I had walked very close to these two men. Conclusion: next time when on deserted darkened streets in dodgy foreign cities, stay away from shady characters. Mind your business and move away.

Next, I turned my mental camera to a frontal view of Otis from the point of view of the drunk man who kicked him. When I looked from his perspective, through his eyes, I could immediately feel his drunkenness, the fog in his mind, and the general negativity towards tourists, who seemed so much better off and more carefree than him, for no reason he can understand. Switching to the perspective of his friend, I see that the idea of watching a fight with a tourist would be a fun addition to an otherwise regular night.

In filmmaking, there is a type of shot called a POV shot. It stands for Point-of-View. A Point-of-View (POV) shot is when the camera looks out from the eyes of the character. In this type of shot, the audience literally sees through the character’s eyes.

For example, our main character Jenny is seated at a restaurant booth and her friend Otis approaches. In this instance, Jenny’s POV shot would be looking up at Otis because she is seated and he is standing. The POV shot for Otis would be looking down at Jenny and would be moving forward. In film jargon, this is called dollying forward! “Edit Your Life” is a real Hollywood experience!

A POV shot tells the internal, emotional state of a character. In movies, a story is told from multiple perspectives. You know you are at a bad movie when the audience only gets to know the story as seen by one character. A story is always richer, deeper, and more colorful when you see the same event through eyes of many characters.

My favorite example of this by far is the film Rashomon, made by famed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. It is often considered his masterpiece. In Rashomon, a couple rest by a “mon” – a Japanese gate. As they sit, they are being spied upon by a thief. The next thing we know, the wife has been murdered. The events leading up to the murder are told from three separate POVs – the husband, the wife, and the thief. The audience becomes the jury who get to make the final judgement, after seeing through the contrasting eyes of three separate characters.

In our daily life, normally we view events from just one angle. We call this “our” perspective. We find it almost impossible to see how other people view the same event. In an “Edit” session, we do exactly that. We see the event through the eyes of others.

After carefully examining the scene from the two drunk men’s POV, what happened began to make sense. Conclusion for next time: see drunken men, don’t look at them, move away.

Next, I turned the camera to myself. I slo-mo’d myself screaming and calling for help. There were several people but they all walked away from me. No one came forward to help which made me scream louder. The shots from my POV revealed my mental state to be one of anger. That really surprised me. I thought I was frightened but instead I was angry. I wanted the police to come and punish the drunks or at least gang up on them with a few other people and kick them back. I could see that I really wanted to hurt them!

I turned to one man who was literally running away from me and took a look from his perspective. Through his eyes, I could see that he had no idea why this crazy woman was screaming. He did not see the dark street and he did not see anyone get kicked. He saw no drunk men at all. He simply saw a crazy woman screaming in a language he didn’t understand. I was screaming “help” in English and this was France.

From my perspective, he had been a heartless person who would not help a tourist being attacked. After looking at the scene through his eyes, I see that I probably would have run away too!

I zoomed in and looked closely at myself screaming louder and louder. I saw that I had screamed myself into a frenzy. This shot was not shot through my own eyes but instead from outside. It was as though I was watching myself from afar. These kind of shots are very common in movies. You see the scene through a character’s eyes and then you cut to a shot where you see them from a distance.

From this distant perspective, what I saw was not particularly flattering. I saw a woman very clearly screaming herself into a frenzy. A woman who was intensely angry that no one was coming to her aid. I watched as Otis came to collect me and still I continued to scream. I saw that my reaction was more intense than the situation actually called for. This was quite puzzling to me. Why was I so angry?

I went back to an overhead perspective and looked at myself from above. I saw the top of my head, my shoulders, my chest, all the way to down my feet. I moved my mental camera to the left side and saw my face in a profile. My forehead, my ear, nose, mouth, and chin, followed by my shoulder, chest, all the way to my feet. I then did the same from the right side.

Before doing this, I made sure to consciosly relax my mind and be non-judgmental as to what I saw. My job is simply to observe. I look from these three perspectives and I just look.

All of a sudden, the scene changed entirely. I was the same woman, but the scene around me was totally different. An image came to mind: Medieval England. I zoomed out and looked at the scene from a distance. I saw a woman tied to a stick being stoned to death by a crowd. I scanned the crowd. Among the people throwing stones were petty thieves, low lifes, and drunks. Heartless people who found stoning to be a fun activity to both watch and participate in. Painfully, oh so painfully, I zoomed in and looked at the scene through the woman’s eyes, through my eyes. I began to cry and was filled with rage. I saw my neighbors, people who I had truly thought were my friends, standing by watching. They had no problem whatsoever with what was occurring.

Inevitably, when I look deeply enough into emotions and events that I don’t understand in my current life, it seems that another story emerges. These kinds of stories are often called past-life stories. Are these “past-life” stories real? The simple answer is yes.

The deeper answer is that when we experience trauma and go into it deeply, we access the psychic realm. In this realm, we are able to connect to all of the experiences that have triggered similar emotions throughout time. In the psychic realm, our mind puts the label “past-life” onto what we are seeing. This helps the mind make sense of the emotions and the events. These “past-life” stories help to illuminate the current situation and provide an explanation for the ultimate question: why?

Fortunately, the same steps we’ve used to learn to avoid drunk men in dodgy foreign cities can also be used with these past-life stories.

I went back into the scene of the woman being stoned and hit rewind. I froze the scene just before the first rock was thrown. I looked through the woman’s eyes at the hateful faces so excited to throw the rocks at her. I felt her sigh. While the scene was still pasued, I entered into the scene and untied the woman. As we made eye contact, it felt distinctly as though I was looking at myself in a different period of time.

After being untied, I looked at this woman she was so angry. Her chest heaved, her fists clenched, she was as hateful to them as they had been to her. Before I knew what was happening, she blasted the crowd with energy! They all dropped dead immediately! It was truly a scene out of a movie!

Together, we observed the carnage in front of us. And then, Poof! The scene changed again. We were back in Marseille, watching me scream. We saw the drunk men far away and saw the man I thought would help run past me, trying to avoid me. All three of these men’s clothes were flashing between modern and medieval clothing. In a different life, they stoned me and I nuked them! And now here we were, re-united in yet another trauma!

It is so important to pause a scene when the psyche is overwhelmed. The psyche is just like a muscle. It can only take so much workout before it gives out. You must pace yourself.

At this point, I was mentally exhausted and so I told this medieval me that I needed a break but that I would come back and we would finish what we had begun and end the cycle of hatred once and for all.

Little did I know at the time how much deeper this story went! But we’ll have to wait a bit before we continue that excavation. For now, a good night’s sleep in my man’s arms felt like just about the very best thing that this life can offer.

By now, you know all about my childhood experiences in “A Life Long Fascination With Ghosts” and my adult transformation in “From The Fear Of Ghosts To The Love of Spirit“. This post here is the grand epic finale.

By this time, I was now in my fifties working as the raw food chef for Elevate Films. Elevate had a loft office on the rooftop of a hip Los Angeles downtown highrise. As part of my pay, I was given a room in the upstairs loft area, which sounded really swank when I got the job.

By day, there were usually fifty or more filmmakers milling about. Then, as darkness descended, the people thinned out and finally there I was alone in a 10,000 square foot loft.

As you know, I’d read many many scientific and new age spiritual books by this time. I knew the ins and outs of psychic phenomena. I’d already performed my own self-help technique “Edit Your Life” for the traumas of my youth, when I watched one too many ghost movies. I should be cured by now. I am a clear-minded healthy adult who should not be afraid of ghosts. So, my rational mind consider this ghost issue case closed. Not!

After the last guy left, I locked all the doors and set the alarm for good measure. I gathered whatever I need from the kitchen for the night and made a beeline into my bedroom. I locked the door and slept with the lights on. “I’m A-Okay! Scared?! Me!? Nope! Not me!”

Fear is irrational. The more I told myself that there was “nothing to fear,” the more scared I became. I would hear funny little sounds just outside my door. It sounded like “people” walking around dragging their slippers. I turned on the music loud to drawn out the sound. Downtown LA is a true ghost town at night. The bustling offices and businesses are closed and the homeless come out to play. Looking out the window, I would truly see real-life actual zombies dragging their feet.

One night, above all these frightening noises, I heard tiny nails scratching at my door. In my mind’s eye, Jack from “The Shining,” along with a bunch of ghosts (for good measure) were just outside my room. “They” have waited all my life for me to let my guard down and they were going to finish me off tonight.

Suddenly, with courage I didn’t know that I possessed, I decided that I’d had enough. I grabbed two Buddha statues, on in each hand, and held them up against the door. I yelled, “In the name of the Light, I command you to cease and desist!” I yelled louder, “Get away from me! I am protected by the Light!” I rushed up to the door and swung it wildly open.

Nothing. Quiet… except for my own huffing. I felt… really silly. I returned to my room and locked the door again. No sooner had I replaced the Buddhas on their dais than the nails scratching began again. This time, I heard chuckles. I was freaked out. I crawled into bed and covered my head.

I went into meditation and began remote viewing the other side of my door.

Remote viewing is a technique whereby one can see distant locations and objects with one’s psyche. In the 1970′s the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) did thousands of remote viewing trials led by Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff. I had learned the technique from Russell Targ himself and am a pretty good remote viewer.

Fear had not only stopped me from physically look into dark places; it had stopped me psychically as well. Cracking the psychic barrier was the first step to cracking the physical barrier.

I saw in my mind’s eyes – don’t laugh – a little monster standing outside my door. He was about a foot tall, with bumpy green skin and very large feet. He was scratching my door with his sharp little nose and chuckling at the same time. He was having fun scaring me. I projected my energetic body behind him and tapped his shoulder. He jumped and turned toward me. I motioned him to “get the hell out of here” with my thumb. He vanished into thin air. I was stunned at how easy it was.

Inside the bedroom, my physical self, cowering under the covers, was encouraged. I found some humor in the situation. “Little green monster, huh?! I’ll show you who’s boss!” With a bit of lightness in my heart I mustered the strength to get out of bed. I pushed open the door and stepped out.

I straightened my back and walked down the stairs toward the living room. On the middle landing, there was a very dark corner. I had always felt an evil spirit hiding there. I took a few cautious steps and slowed to a stop. Sure enough, my remote viewing eyes now reported to me that there indeed was “someone” there. I stopped in my tracks, keeping my physical eyes closed. I allowed my psychic eyes to see into that darkness.

I saw in my mind’s eye a woman with her head down, her long black hair covering her face. She was dripping wet! I’ve seen her before in a Cantonese movie from when I was young! She was a good lady who was drowned by bad people and there she was, fifty years later, back to haunt me. I had no idea she had been in my psyche all this time.

I am a lucid dreamer and another explanation for this image comes from my work in lucid dreaming. Lucid Dreaming is when you become awake in a dream while still dreaming. Some dream researchers believe the brain creates dreams by using images already in our memory. While we sleep, we process unresolved emotions by creating stories using these images we already know. Somewhere in my memory was this drowning victim. In my need to process this fear of ghosts, she came back to me.

I stood there and reached into my memory. I must have been four or five years old when I saw that movie. A few bits and pieces came up: she wore a chung-sam (Chinese dresses popular form the 1900′s till today) and she was pretty. The bad guys threw her into the river and tied her underwater with rocks. She came back as a ghost and stood behind doorways to scare the bad guys. Of course, my young mind was terrified by the sight of her.

I stood breathless as I processed all this information. My adult mind realized that the ghost was not real but my fear was very real. My ghost busting actually means fear busting! Determination is vital in life. I asked myself, “do I want this saga of endless fear to continue?” The answer, of course, is no. I desire to be free of fear.

I took a big breath and stepped onto the spot where the dripping wet ghost stood. A momentary fear briefly took over me. “What if she possesses me?” Here, my fear mind referenced what had happened to the priest who saved the possessed girl in “The Exorcist”. The demon got exorcised out of the girl by the priest and jumped into him. He rolled down a flight of stairs to kill himself in order to kill the demon. I know that it’s all pretty absurd when one thinks about it but fear works in mysterious ways.

No possession! What a relief! But… I could feel her next to me, as if an actual flesh and blood person was standing next to me. Needless to say, it was strange to the max and completely unnerving. Again, my lucid dreaming helped me to process this fear. While lucid dreaming, I can sense my reality shifting back and forth between dream and waking life. Both realities can seem “real”. In fact, the dream reality often seems more real than waking life. From that understanding I know to give credit to “made up” things. Since I fear this ghost, it is very very real to me.

As time passed, I continued standing there. The longer I stood, the less scary the whole thing became. Finally, I mentally marched her down the stairs, opened the double-locked front door and put her outside. I closed the door and then laughed out loud, this time in real life! Well that was easy!

I turned to go get a drink in the kitchen, passing many dark corners as I walked. Amazingly, I saw no ghosts hiding in my mind. I sat down in the living room without lights. I felt quite all right. Still a little scared… but much better.

As I was sitting enjoying my drink, I was suddenly startled by this same woman! Sitting on the couch next to me, she was dripping wet. I jumped! She looked wistfully at me.

I went to a lucid dreaming workshop once with Stephen LaBerge who is often considered the “Godfather” of lucid dreaming. He did much of the original research into the subject. I love to go find these pioneer teachers and learn what I can from them! At the workshop, he told a story a bout recurring nightmare he had for 25 years. Each time, he was running away from the same monster. Sometimes he would become lucid and turn around and kill the monster or fly away. Finally, one night he became lucid and tried something new. He turned around and hugged the monster. That act of love ended the nightmare. He never saw the monster again.

I moved closer to where my ghost sat. I closed my eyes and imagined her in a chung-sam, once again beautiful, before she was killed by the bad guys. I wished her eternal peace and a good life in the spirit realm. I opened my physical arms and hugged the imaginary ghost. We sat there for a while in a deep embrace. Then… poof… she was gone.

After that epic night, every time my mind offers a fearful thought about ghosts, I use the steps in “Edit Your Life” to examine the thought. It turns out that there really is nothing to fear but fear itself! The years rush by and I am less and less plagued by any fear of ghosts.

Fast forward a couple of years and one summer I was traveling in England visiting the crop circles. Crop circles are patterns etched into the crop fields. They’ve been happening mysteriously for the last forty years, mostly in a section of Southwestern England called Wiltshire, which is where Stonehenge and Avebury are located.

In all this time, no one has come out and been able to give clear-cut proof that they are the official creator. I love a good mystery and have visited the circles in England four times. I subleased this small apartment in the heart of Wiltshire, the hot spot! When I got to my apartment it turned out to be located inside an old, remodeled church. I was happy to live in such an unusual space. The only snag was, well, as you know, churches in England are surrounded by graveyards!

I thought to myself that living in the middle of a graveyard would indeed be a good proof to myself that ghosts no longer hold any charge for me. The telltale sign of a cure of an unwanted habit in “Edit Your Life” is what I call NO CHARGE. Charge is an electrical shock to the heart. Joy is a good charge and fear is a bad charge. A good charge is good and a bad charge is bad. The best, however, is no charge at all! One doesn’t feel good or bad about something. It is just the way it is. Equanimity. Peace.

I’ll give you this final image how effective “Edit Your Life” is in curing my fear of ghosts. I made a video that you can see on YouTube called “How To Hand Wash Delicate Clothes“. There I was washing away. I took the clothes outside to demonstrate sun-drying, one of my favorite causes! Who needs a dryer in the middle of the summer when the sun is right there. So there I was, hanging clothes and I realized, there are graves all around me. And at long last, I was totally ok with it. It was so funny to me that I blurted out, “Well, let’s pay the dead their respect… And lucky them, now that they’re dead, they don’t have to bother learning how to do laundry!” And that was that. No charge.