Funky Happy Sunday! A Permaculture Digging Extravaganza! Come on in!

We are having an incredible permaculture event on Sunday, December 13.

Here is the info!

Hello friends,

Come and join us at FUNKY HAPPY SUNDAY: Permaculture Digging Extravaganza Workshop.

JOAN STEVENS, famous permaculture diva, known to the in crowd as Mama Botanica, will lead us in a hands-on cardboard sheet mulching workshop and teach us how to plant a ground crop to prepare the soil for winter. We will plant a grapefruit and an apple tree too.

TONY MOSS, designer of the Funkmeyer Garden, permaculture designer, Mr. Green-Thumb Giant himself will walk us around the garden and talk about what has been planted and his vision of the New Reality edible backyard garden.

OTIS FUNKMEYER, the Uncle of Funk, will do an electrifying robot dance performance for you and teach you the moonwalk!

JENNY FUNKMEYER, Kwan Yin-Embodiment of Love, will serve you a raw food lunch of Jenny’s Crazy Good Cauliflower Pate and Oti’s Mo Better Cheesey Cheese Cheese Kale Chips (made without Cheese). Refreshments of homemade Kombucha tea and Alkalinized water drenched with love vibration await your arrival.

FEE for this event is 15 in advance and 20 at the door. Please RSVP to and see localhost/wordpress/events for more information.

This is a limited engagement so be sure to register in advance.

Event Information:
Funky Happy Sunday: Permaculture Digging Extravaganza
December 13th
11am to 3pm
New Reality Garden – 2033 S. Spaulding Ave., LA, 90016