Funkmeyer Heat

[song id="funkmeyerheat" album="hermosa"]

This song went a little haywire. The original idea was that it would be a back-and-forth between me and Jenny. I rapped her parts as a placeholder but they ended up just staying up because our schedules never matched for us to get together and record her vocals. It’s too bad… But I think it still turned out all right. It has a vibe all its own. And what other song do you know that has an explanation of the difference between dimension and density as it relates to one’s experience of reality. That’s what I thought.

So my guidance tells me to keep writing. I’m sitting here writing this in Paper or Plastik, my favorite cafe. Today is January 4, 2012, and we are about 12 months away from the end of the year, which is when the big change is supposed to happen. Looking at my life from the outside, I feel good. I wasn’t quite sure why I took the turn that I took when I was 19 and then again at 24. The first was to move away from the mainstream reality and the second was to move away from being a dancer. In retrospect, I am quite glad. I think about the life I could have been living–realizing the world was falling apart, but waking up everyday and just trying to keep it together for 24 more hours–and the life I am living–building the new world that is coming together and waking up everyday to tear down the old by designing the new–and there is great joy in that. Great joy. I give thanks for my courage and for the entheogens which kicked me off of the path with no heart onto the rocky, topsy-turvy, path with heart. The path that brings you that Funkmeyer Heat. Byatch.