Colon Cleanse Day 8: Colonics, Jenny Finishes, Otie Cries & Releases Anal Trauma

Another big day here in Funkmeyerville! Jenny and I had our first colonics experience experience today and for her, it was awesome, and for me, it was intense! That’s how it goes Funkateers! I feel really ready to release a lot of deep-held things and I had *NO* *NO* *NO* idea how intense this colon cleansing was going to be. I thought that this was just something that was good for your help, but NO. This is like a hardcore spiritual practice like vipassana or ayahuasca or being in silence. We both feel really good and really released. I can’t believe I had so much anal fear release. All my life, I’ve been terrified of my butt–the classic anal retentive. Over the past 5 years, I’ve actually REALIZED this and it’s been a long ongoing journey to release what feels like lifetimes and lifetimes of terror. The cleanse is amazing, we highly recommend it. it’s good for you, it’s powerful, it’s a TRIP what comes out of your body. Check it out Funkateers. WE LOVE YOU! Jenny & Otis