Coming at you with a little bit of funk that hits you with a twist mid-episode. After arriving in Barcelona, I was so exhausted that it just made me so happy to know I had a place to stay.

In the past, I used to just show up at places and see what happened. See where I would stay. See what was crackin’. Some of the best times of my life happened because of this… BUTTTT… it also made me always feel so on edge.

And it made me realize that anxiety is super over-rated! And that doing things to minimize anxiety is super under-rated, at least by yours truly!

Travel tips from Otis. From my brain to yours!

I am really excited to embark on phase 2.0 of my instructional video making career. 1.0 was begun with me learning to edit and produce videos in the making of “How To Do The Robot” and led to my own instructional videos.

A lot of that was about me finding out who I was.

Now, I feel like I both have a sense of who I am and a sense of 2 other very important things.

1) Who my audience is and what kind of audience I want to cultivate.

2) The best ways to help this audience learn as quickly and efficiently and with as much fun as possible.

So really, I want to teach artists of life. People who are good at so many things it’s just weird. Who are dope dancers, great writers, filmmakers, programmers, builders, athletes, mystics, everything. That’s my tribe.

And how do we learn? We learn efficiently. We learn through repetition. We know that you just have to go through the paces and practice things over and over and over and over.

So my videos from now on are by us, for us.

And we’re gonna start with waving because shit, who doesn’t wanna be good at waving!? Waving is rad.

We’re gonna do the finger waves, the liquid, the arm wave, the body wave, and snaking. With a little bit of footwork put in. We’re gonna cover the concepts and then we’re just gonna practice them over and over, workout video style. Fun, dope, rad, tight.

So that’s the announcement: WAVING 101. Enjoy it.

you know how sometimes you share some dope shit and someone come along and start hating. this here’s a little rap in story form to explain both such a situation and the nature of reality.

it’s all happening.

It’s so obvious to me, after a decade plus in the good diet/good life game, that one’s diet plays an almost direct role in the well-being one experiences in life. Some people may be able to fake the funk for a while but over time, it gets more and more clear that there aren’t any shortcuts and that furthermore, when one is able to put there money where their mouth is and eat well, life rewards them handsomely.

This is a simple message based around 2 concepts: eat organic and eat green. Fortunately, these messages are getting easier and easier to heed as the 21st-century rolls right along. Our world is waking up to this message and the marketplace is offering us more and more fabulous products that fit the bill.

Spend the money, eat the products, live a dope life. THAT’S WORD!

In this wondrous and wonderful interview featuring the Eiffel Tower, The Funkmeyers pontificate and elaborate their theory of the future of education.

Their theory is what will happen. At least in the positively bifurcating reality. So they suggest you get on board or get left behind.

This video was given to be by my guidance to make. I was told it was an important one to make for the world.

See, it turns out, when you really have the courage to be yourself, until you go full on balls to the wall, the world kinda doesn’t like it. People think you’re strange and there’s kind of an attitude in general that there’s something wrong with you. This is especially true if you haven’t been yourself in the past–have been living other people’s lives etc.

I want to tell you that IT GETS BETTER! When you break through, when you go through the pain of being judged by others and come out the other side really liking who you are, the world is your oyster. You’re truly able to be free, to be loved by the world, and to be yourself.

It is such a paradox. Until you are fully committed, the world will look at you crazy. But once you do manage to make that commitment, everything opens up and nothing is too good to be true.


I have always been a fan of Mr. Fox, one of the original OG french poppers. I was able to meet him at Juste Debout this year and I wanted to get together and make a video with him about how amazing old skool popping is and how it’s awesomeness can be lost amongst youngsters.

This video is an examination of why the original foundations of things are so beautiful and so important, especially when you want to do something new and innovate.

5 minutes of funk coming atcha grill.

So I received a bunch of questions in the past couple weeks and a few of them were really hard questions. I literally did not have good answers to the questions. I told the askers to let me sit with it and finally I came up with the wonderful idea to do snap judgment psychic readings in response to the questions.

I was very happy with how the responses turned out because they were good answers and were not at all answers that I would have come up with on my own! Which is one of the great joys of doing psychic readings in the first place.

For those who are interested in what I’m going on about please take a look at my article On Clairvoyance and my page on the psychic readings that I do with people.

Clairvoyance is such a powerful sense that we possess and I am happy to be able to share it openly with the interweb!

So here we are coming to you live from London-town! With a special guest! Vinay Gupta! Mr. Hexayurt himself! I first discovered Vinay and his work almost six years ago and wrote about him in my 10 must-read blogs of the New Reality piece.

His piece entitled What’s going to happen in the future? was particularly formative for me in my burgeoning understanding of how best to position myself in order to live abundantly in the 21st century.

As time has gone on, I have realized more and more that this is my major passion. Best living in the 21st century.

We have discovered that it has become so easy to accumulate that many of sail right past peak possessions into too-much-possessions and that this extra weight can lead us to enjoy life less and less. As Tyler Durden said, your stuff owns you more than you own it.

It seems that some combination of enjoying the luxuries of life while keeping possessions to a minimum will be the model that works best in this era where nearly everything becomes digitized and the smartphone replaces nearly all of our possessions aside from food, clothing, and shelter.

So this is a discussion between the 3 of us. An attempt to cobble together something resembling a personal utopia.

The only way out is through.

I was introduced to this phrase during anti-racism training and it stuck with me then as it sticks with me now.

The tantric path posits that renunciation–just leaving the world behind–is a dead end and that the only way to a true lasting enlightenment is through extinguishing one’s desires in the world.

If that’s riches, threesomes, and blow, so be it. You gotta get it out of the way or it will haunt you.

The more I have gone around killing my dreams by actually living them, the more peaceful I have felt. Not necessarily in the short term–this is one of those more long-term changes that just sort of sinks in more and more as time goes on.

When you don’t have things gnawing at you that you wish you were doing, you can be a lot more content just staring at the wall. In a lot of ways, this is what animals have to teach us. They just sit there until a desire pops up–bark, kill, eat, poop–and then they jump up and fulfill the desire. They then return to neutral.

Equanimity. Equanimous. Neutrality. Neutral. That’s the idea.

Oftentimes, it is easy in our FOMO culture to just keep pushing, keep going, keep socializing, way past the point that we want to. Our body is like a rechargeable battery and that battery can die. When it does, we get sick. It’s all kind of simple.

Life is actually so simple when you add the energetic/spiritual component. It will be exciting when Apple makes wearable computers that measure our energy fields and legitimizes all of these “ideas” (facts) with devices that can measure them. Then people will go, oh shit. And hopefully stop getting sick.

Until then, when you get that little nudge to back off, like Nike says, JUST DO IT! And that’s trill.

An infrastructure for a very different, highly nomadic way of living has popped up around us, while we were sleeping.

With the advent of the smartphone, closer to 5 than 10 years old now, and with the introduction of turn-by-turn GPS built-in to said smartphone, closer to 2 years old, and propped up by all of the other infrastructure: Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Craigslist, Airbnb, a way of living where location can be extremely fluid has come through the ether and materialized in our 3rd dimensional reality here on Earth, which is becoming more 5th dimensional everyday.

This is the way to live in the 21st century. Meaning, if you weren’t totally satisfied by the centuries that preceded it, we think you’ll like this way quite a bit more.

And the craziest part of all is that very few people seem to even notice its happened, and even fewer are actually living like it.

But what I will say is that while it takes a lot more energy to live like this, it also gives a lot more energy to the person living like this. It is invigorating to be in movement, to explore our beautiful blue planet and taste all of the fruits that it has to offer.

I recommend it fully, with two thumbs up. And I suggest you give it a try and do the work necessary to become a person who can thrive in such an environment. Because those that can will live in a way that is so good it wasn’t even humanly possible to experience just a few years ago.

And when you add a coming global currency to the mix.. sheboing. All I can say is sheboing.

For many years, I stayed in the background in a lot of ways. I didn’t voice my opinion too strongly, I didn’t claim to be an expert on anything, I didn’t act like I knew what I was talking about. In short, I didn’t stick my neck out.

I was shy about getting into dance circles. I was hesitant to share the things I made. I would make them but them just kind of let whoever found them find them. I see why now.

I finally like myself enough to self-promote. I have taken to heart the saying “if you don’t stand for yourself, who will?” And since starting that, I have started receiving attacks.

For those of you who are used to put things out there, this is all old hat. But for those who aren’t, this video may gave you an idea about why you hesitate.

I have always found that when I become aware of why I’m afraid or hesitating, my logical mind can begin easing up and getting used to the worst-case scenario. Finally, I realize well, it’s not so bad. I’ll live.

And the saga continues…

In some strange twist of fate, i received 2 unrelated inquiries about LIVER CLEANSING of all things. Well, cleansing is near and dear to my heart and something I recommend to anyone who will put up with listening to me ramble on about it…

The cleanse and flush I am recommending here is really to be attributed to the late, great Andreas Moritz and the still great Hulda Clark, so check those links out for sure.

The main thing I’d like to get across here is that cleansing, in a rational society, would be considered so self-evident that not doing it would be like never changing the oil on your car. You’d be looked at as a stupid person. It would be obvious why you’re not doing that well. Your organs need cleansing!

The liver in particular plays so many important roles–detoxification, purifying the blood, breaking down fats and proteins, the list goes on and on. This monster organ is by far the most under-appreciated organ in the body and so this video is also my part to give the largest internal organ it’s proper RESPEK. LICK A SHOT!

As anyone who has lived long enough knows, life is not always rosy, the grass doesn’t always glisten, and sometimes challenges occur that seem beyond our ability to handle them.

This video is for those times.

The truth of the truth is that we’re never given more than we can handle and everything we experience is a golden opportunity to get to know ourselves on deeper and deeper levels. When one is reeling, this can feel like trite advice but the truth is the truth, trite or not.

There are no one-size-fits-all wonder cures when it comes to feeling down and this is as it should be. When we feel down, we are being given an opportunity to broaden our perspective and to grow beyond our previous comfort zone. It’s a vulnerable time, like when a snake sheds its skin.

Be easy on yourself. Be kind. Focus on the positives. And this too shall pass… Trite, but true.